income tax cases/notices

Income Tax Cases/Notices

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What is Income Tax Cases/Notices?

Income Tax Cases is the general term in which Notices sent by Income Tax Department to Assessee and Tax Demand Raised by the Department include. Income Tax Department sends Notices to Assessees for various reasons like not filing of income tax return, any defect in return while filing the return and when department required any additional document or information.

What are the types of Income tax notices?

Type of NoticesDescription of Notice
Notice u/s 143(1) – Intimation.This is one of the most commonly received notices from the income tax department. Income Tax Department send this notice seeking a response to the errors / incorrect claims/inconsistencies in the income tax return that was filed. If an assessee wants to revise the return after receiving this notice, it must be done within 30 days from the date of communication of the notice. Else, the tax return will be processed after making the necessary adjustments mentioned in the notice issued under section 143(1).
Notice u/s 142(1) – Notice for Return, Information, and Accounts.This notice is addressed to the assessee when the return is already filed and further details and documents are required from the assessee to complete the process. This notice can also be sent to necessitate a taxpayer to provide additional documents and information.
Notice u/s 143(2) – Notice for Scrutiny.Income tax notice under section 143(2) issued by the income tax department if the tax officer not satisfied with the documents and information was submitted by the taxpayer. Assessee who receives notice under section 143(2) has been selected for detailed scrutiny by the Income Tax Department and order to submit additional documents and information.
Notice u/s 156 – Notice for Tax Demand.This type of notice is issued by the Income Tax Department when any tax, interest, fine, or any other sum of amount is owed by the taxpayer. All tax demand notice stipulates the sum of the amount which is outstanding and due from the taxpayer.
Notice u/s 148 – Notice for Re-assessment.If the officer has reason to believe that you have not disclosed your income correctly and therefore you have paid lower taxes or the individual may not have filed his return at all, even if you must have filed it as per law. This is termed as income escaping assessment. Under these circumstances, the assessing officer is entitled to assess or reassess the income, according to the case. Before making such an assessment or reassessment, the assessing officer should serve a notice to the assessee asking him to furnish his return of income.
Notice u/s 245 – Notice for Adjustment of Demand.If the officer has reason to believe that tax has not been paid for the previous years and he wants to set off the current year’s refund against that demand, a notice under section 245 can be issued. However, the adjustment of demand and refund could be done only if the assessee has been provided proper notice and an opportunity to be heard. The recipient has to respond to the notice within 30 days from the day of receipt of the notice. If the assessee does not respond within the specified time limit, the assessing officer can consider this as consent and proceed with the assessment. Therefore, it is advisable to respond to the notices within time.

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General Questions and Doubts related to Income Tax Return Filing.

Q 1. What should do after receiving the notice from Income Tax Department?

Ans. First of all, do not panic after getting the notice from the income tax department and consult with the experts as earlier as possible.

Note: You can contact our team about such kinds of Income-tax cases and notices issued by the Income Tax Department.

Q 2. What is the time period for a reply of notice?

Ans. Generally, the time period available for the reply of notice is 30 days from the date of communication of the notice.

Q 3. How much time does it take to resolve a case under income tax?

Ans. The time takes to resolve a case under income tax depends upon the complexity of the case, it may be taken one week to 6 months and even 1 year in some cases to resolve properly.