Haryana Labour Welfare Fund Return Filing.

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Annual LWF Return (Up to 100 employees)Rs. 4,000/-

(Note: Additional Rs. 1,500/- per next 100 employees)

What is Haryana Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)?

The Haryana Labour Welfare Fund is a fund regulated by the Haryana Labour Welfare Board constituted by the Haryana Govt under The Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Act of, 1965 and the Rules were made thereunder. Labour Welfare Board constituted the fund to provide financial assistance to the workers in the state of Haryana.

Which Act and Rules Govern Haryana LWF:

Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1965 and Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Rules, 1966 regulate the provisions related to Labour Welfare Fund in the State of Haryana.

Who Liable for Get Registration under Haryana LWF?

An employer is liable to register his/her business under Haryana LWF if he/she employed 10 or more employees/workers at any point in time.

What is the rate of contribution in Haryana LWF?

With effect fromRate of contribution from employees (per month)Rate of contribution from employers (per month)
April 20190.2% of the salary of employee or wages or any remuneration subject to a limit of Rs. 25/-Twice the amount contributed by such employee.

Return under Haryana LWF:

Annual Return (from the month of January to December)

Due date: 31st January of the following year

Records and data required to file LWF return:

Following record, document and data required for filing LWF return:

  • Salary/wage sheet of every month (from January to December).
  • ESI (IP) number and EPF (UAN) number of employees.
  • Residence state of employees.
  • Aadhar number of employees.
  • Mobile number of employees.
  • Qualification of employees.
  • Date of Joining (DOJ) and Date of Exit (DOE) of employees.
  • Any other information as demanded by LWF Board time to time.

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General Questions and Doubts related to LWF Return Filing.

Q 1. Is Filing of Return Compulsory under Labour Welfare Rules?

Ans. Yes, return filing is compulsory.

Q 2. What will be the consequences if LWF returns are not filed within the due date?

Ans. It attracts interest and penalties in case of non-filing of LWF return within the due date.

Q 3. What is required to file LWF return?

Ans. Registration of Shop and Establishment, Factory Act, BOCW Establishment and Govt Department/Organization on Official Portal Haryana Labour Department is required to file LWF return.