Haryana Partnership Firm Registration

Haryana Partnership Firm Registration

Get your Partnership Firm Register in Haryana with just one click.

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Rs. 3,999/-

(Note: This fee doesn’t Include notary Charges)

What is a Partnership Firm?

A Partnership Firm is a form of business organization wherein two or more persons join together in order to carry out business. In Haryana State, Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Haryana deals with registration of Partnership Firm. As per Section 4 of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932, a Partnership Firm means where two or more persons mutually agreed to share the profits and losses in the business.

Why Partnership Firm should be registered?

An unregistered partnership firm is not related as a legal entity in the eye of law. In case of dispute, a registered partnership firm can file legal suit on its partners, on the third party, the partner can file suit on the firm, whereas an unregistered partnership firm cannot do such things. A registered partnership firm is recognized through getting a certificate of registration from the District Firm and Society Registrar, which is a govt. department.

Types of Partnership in India?

 In India most used partnership types are listed here with their distinct features to allow you to choose the suitable type.

  • General Partnership: General Partnership means a partnership where each partner has right to take decision about the working and management of the firm and the partners’ liability is unlimited and in case of a financial error / loss incurred by the act of a single partner the personal assets of all the partners can be taken away to pay back the debts and creditors’ claims. General Partnership further classified into two Categories i.e. Partnership at will and Particular Partnership. General Partnership also called Traditional Partnership. The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 applicable for General Partnership and in Haryana State, Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Haryana give registration of General Partnership.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): The Limited Partnership Act, 2008 applicable for Limited Partnership Firm (Partnership Act, 1932 not applicable for Limited Lability Partnership Firm), The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India govern Indian Limited Liability Partnership Firm. In a Limited Liability Partnership Firm, the liabilities are limited to each partner up to their agreed contribution to the business.

Time period of processing of application for Partnership Firm Registration in Haryana State.

The Haryana Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Haryana usually takes 10 to 15 working days to register a partnership firm (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Gazetted holidays).

Documents Required for Haryana Partnership Firm Registration.

Below is the list of documents required for the Haryana Partnership Firm Registration in India.

  • Scanned Copy of PAN Card of Proposed Partners of Firm.
  • Scanned Copy of Aadhar Card of Proposed Partners of Firm.
  • Passport Size photos of Proposed Partners of Firm.
  • Sale Deed / Convenance Deed / Rent Agreement (if business place on rent) as address proof of place of business.
  • Utility Bill i.e., Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Water Bill (anyone) as proof of ownership of the place.
  • Details of Nature of Business Activities and Name of Proposed Firm.
  • Contact Details (mobile number and email ID) of Partners.

Cost to Pay for Registration of a Haryana Partnership Firm and what will you get.

Prices charge by myaccountants.in for Haryana Partnership Firm Registration is reasonable as per the market terms, for this service we charge Rs. 5,999/- (inclusive of Govt fees and stamp duty).

(Note: This fee doesn’t Include Notary Charges)

  • Registration Certificate of the Partnership Firm.
  • Partnership Deed.
  • PAN of Partnership Firm.
  • MSME Certificate (if required).
  • GST Registration (if required).

How myaccountants.in will help you to get your Partnership Firm Register in Haryana State?

myaccountants.in has knowledgeable and experienced team members to guide you and resolve your queries related to everything about Haryana Partnership Firm Registration. You can follow the steps given below to get register your Partnership Firm in Haryana through us.

Step 1.  Book your service by making payment for selected service and you can ask queries related to the service in case of any doubt.

Step 2.  After receipt of your payment, our team member will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you to send the required documents.

Step 3.  Our team members will start the process of registration of the firm same we get the documents.

Step 4. Our team member will draft the Partnership Deed on stamp paper and will send you for proofreading. After receipt of your confirmation of proofreading of the Partnership Deed, our team member will guide you to do your signatures on such partnership deed to complete it.

Step 5.  After completion of the Partnership Deed, our team member will send the registration application form in PDF format to get the signatures of all the proposed partners.

Step 6.  After successful submission of the registration form with relevant documents, our team member will send you the reference number of the application submitted and will also update you on the status of the application.

Step 7.  After successfully processing the application, our team member will send you the Registration Certificate of the Partnership Firm.

Some General Doubts Related to Haryana Partnership Firm Registration.

Q 1. Who can become a partner in a Partnership Firm?

Ans. Only an individual can become a partner in Partnership Firm. Individuals can take registration with relatives i.e. Spouse, Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Friends, Son, Daughter, etc. All partners should be major (attained the age of 18 or above).

Q 2. What is Partnership Deed?

Ans. Partnership Deed is the legal agreement between all the proposed partners, which was made on Stamp Paper of respective states. It contains Terms and Rules related to the management of the partners.

Q 3 What is the difference between General Partnership Firm and Limited Liability Partnership Firm?

Ans. The basic difference between an LLP and a General Partnership Firm is that an LLP is regulated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, and the Traditional Partnership Firm is regulated under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) governs the affairs of the LLP which is a Ministry under Central Government and affairs of General Partnership Firm are governed by the District Partnership Firm and Society Registrar, which is a State Government Department. Further, in the General, Partnership Firm, every partner is held liable, individually or jointly with all the other partners and also responsible for the actions of the other partner in the capacity of the partner of the firm. In LLP, the liability of the partners is limited to his/her agreed contribution. No partner is liable on account of the independent or unauthorized acts of other partners in LLP. Thus, it allows individual partners to be shielded from joint liability created by the wrongful acts or misconduct of another partner.

Q 4. Can Haryana Partnership Firm be registered at a residential address?

Ans. Yes, there are no restrictions on the registration of the Haryana Partnership Firm at the residential address.

Q 5. How many days it will take to register a Haryana Partnership Firm?

Ans. Generally, it takes 10 to 15 working days to register a Partnership Firm in Haryana State (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Gazetted holidays) but this is subject to the processing of application and documents filed for registration with the Registrar of Haryana Partnership Firm.

Q 6. What are the Compliances that need to be fulfilled after registration of the Partnership Firm?

Ans. Partnership Firm requires to file Income Tax Return on annual Basis. In case of any changes in terms and conditions of Partnership Deed like Change in Contribution, Entry and Exit of Partner, need to register the new Partnership Deed at Registrar of Haryana Firm through filing required forms.

Q 7. Can Partnership Be Unregistered?

Ans. Yes, Partnership Firm can be unregistered.