Haryana Society Registration

Haryana Society Registration.

Society is a group of persons joined together for the specified purpose of providing a non-profitable service. Societies registered under the Haryana Societies Registration Act hold the status of a legal entity.

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What is Society?

Society is a type of organization having its own separate existence. In Haryana State, registration and regulation are governed by District Firm and Society Registrar, Department of Industries and Commerce under Haryana Registration and Regulation Act, 2012. To register a society in Haryana, the minimum requirement is, having at least 7 members attaining the age of 18 and above.

Why Society Registration is Beneficial?

  • Society has its own existence separated from its members.
  • It has its rules and regulation to govern internal affairs of the society i.e. Memorandum of Society and Bye Lows of Society.
  • Society is a good option to perform social welfare and nonprofit activates.
  • It has a governing body to perform day to day activates and legal compliances i.e. President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer etc.

Minimum Requirements to Register a Society in the State of Haryana

  • No. of Members                                             :              7 Executive Members
  • Other Designations                                        :              President, Secretary, Treasurer

Time period of processing of application of Society Registration

The registrar usually takes 30 to 45 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and Gazetted holidays) but it’s subject to the process of the application.

Documents Required for Society Registration

Below is the list of documents required for the Private Limited Company Registration in India.

  • PAN Cards of all the proposed Members of the Society.
  • Aadhar Cards of all the proposed Members of the Society.
  • Passport Size Photos of all the proposed Members of the Society.
  • Contact Details (Content numbers and email IDs) of all the proposed Members of the Society.
  • Occupations of all the proposed Members of the Society.
  • Sale Deed or Rent/Lease Deed (if rented), NOC and Utility Bill (i.e., Electricity Bill / Water Bill / Property Tax Receipt, any one, not older than 2 months) as proof of register office address of the Society.
  • Types of social activities.
  • Three Proposed name of the Society.

How myaccountants.in will help you to get your Society Registered in Haryana?

myaccountants.in has knowledgeable and experienced team members to guide you and resolve your queries related to everything about Society Registration. You can follow the steps given below to get register your Society through us.

Step 1.  Book your service by making payment for selected service and you can ask queries related to the service in case of any doubt.

Step 2.  After receipt of your payment, our team member will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you to send the required documents.

Step 3.  Our team will do the required documentation and application preparation for filing to the department for name reservation of the proposed society.

Step 4. Our team will send you the application of name reservation for the signature of the proposed President, Vice-president, and General Secretary.

Step 5. After that our team will file the name reservation application to the department.

Step 6. After successful reservation of the name of the proposed society, our team will prepare the draft Memorandum of Society, Bye-Laws of Society, List of members and Resolutions will send you for approval and signatures.

Step 7.  After receiving signed documents i.e. Memorandum of Society, Bye-Laws of Society, List of members, and Resolutions our team will file the registration application under the signature of the proposed General Secretary of the Society.

Step 8.  After reviewing the application, the department will issue the Certificate of Registration of the Society and Documents of the society under the seal of the registrar. Our team will send you such documents.

Some General Doubts Related to Society Registration

Q 1. What are the Bye-Laws of the Society?

Ans. Bye-Laws are the internal rules and regulations of society. Bye-Laws govern the membership, fee, activates, defaults, power, and duties of the members and executive body in the society.

Q 2. What is the Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the Society?

Ans. Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a legal document that defines the relationship of Society with its members and it specifies the objectives for which the society has been registered. It is the Supreme Document of any society. Society cannot do work beyond its objectives mentioned in MOA.

Q 3. What are legal compliances after registration of the Society?

Ans. Society needs to apply for PAN and open a bank account after its registration. Society requires maintaining its books of account (Income Expenditure Account, Cash Book, and Balance Sheet). Filing the audited financial statement is required by the registrant of the society every year. Filing of Income Tax returns is also required for society every year.