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HR/Payroll and Salary Processing

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Pricing Plan

Rs. 8000 Per monthUp to 100 Employees
Additional Rs. 3000 per 100 EmployeesMore than 100 Employees

What is Payroll?

Human resource is a crucial part of every organization whether profit-oriented or nonprofit-oriented. Without human resources, we can not imagine the existence of any entity. Hance salary and wages are the important factors to sustain the human resources of the entity. Maintaining the records of their leaves, word days, overtime work, advance salary and their legal deductions i.e. ESI, EPF, LWF, etc are payroll.

What is Payroll Processing Outsourcing?

To maintain the records of wages, salary, leaves, overtime, and other statutory documents and filings, organizations have their separate Human Resource Department. But in today’s world, organizations just focus on the core activities for which such organizations formed and they outsource the activities to an expert firm.

Apart from big organizations, small organizations face a lack of funds to maintain a separate department of HR hence they outsource the work related to payroll processing.

What are the benefits of outsourcing of Payroll Processing?

The purpose of outsourcing payroll processing depends from organization to organization. Out of the many benefits, these are some common benefits of outsourcing payroll processing.

  • Focus to the core activities: Maintaining a separate HR department is very hectic for entities and they diverted their resources and manpower to maintain different departments at the entity instead of having a tunnel focus to the objectives of the entity.
  • Saving of resources: Money is very crucial resource for every human and every entity on the globe. Organizations can save lots of money through outsource the work related to payroll processing instead of maintaining the HR department itself.
  • Work through experts: Entity can get its payroll processing work through experts because the firms getting the payroll outsourcing have the team of experts in human resource field.

Records and data required to perform the work of payroll processing:

Following are the common records and documents required to process the payroll:

  • Attendance of employees and workers.
  • In and Out time sheet of employees and workers.
  • Salary and wage structure of employees and workers.

How can help you to Process your payroll? has knowledgeable and experienced team members to guide you and resolve your queries related to everything about Payroll processing. You can follow the steps given below to get your payroll process through us.

Step 1.  Book your service by making payment for selected service and you can ask queries related to the service in case of any doubt.

Step 2.  After receipt of your payment, our team member will contact you to understand your requirements and guide you to send the required documents and records.

Step 3.  Our team sends you the format of the salary sheet and other statutory records formats for your approval.

Step 4.  After getting your approval of the format, our team will prepare the salary sheet, payslips, and detailed calculation of basic pay, HRA, allowances, statutory deductions i.e. ESI/EPF/LWF/TDS, etc as per the requirement.

Step 5. Our team member will send you the complete salary/wage sheet, overtime sheet, and detailed calculation of statutory deductions.

General Questions and Doubts related to Payroll processing.

Q 1. Whether the work is fixed in payroll processing?

Ans. No, there is no standard work in payroll processing. It depends on your requirement that which details and calculations you want related to your human resource.

Q 2. Whether the work done of payroll processing by will help in statutory filing of ESI/EPF?

Ans. Yes, the work and calculations done under payroll processing will help in statutory filing of ESI/EPF or you can file these compliances through us.